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Winner of best in show at Bulldog Bash 2014 and coming in 5th for AMD’s 2014 world championship freestyle class, the Nutcracker by Paul Milbourn is a stunning example of British engineering. Custom built using a Honda XL600R and heavily modified, it has been transformed into a wondrous work of art.

Comes with Trophy and magazine.

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–        Nutcracker custom bike engine is 600cc single cylinder. it came from a 1986 honda XL600R which is basically an off-road bike.

–        The carburation are twin amals 34mm concentric.

–        The exhaust system of the nutcracker custom bike is stainless steel.

–        The engine has had the top end rebuilt.

–        The cylinder head is a vigor 650.

–        The clutch has been reworked so it works on a twist helix system on the handle bars.

–        The engine has a dry sump so it needs an oil tank which is under the right hand seat.

–        The engine pumps the oil through the engine to the tank and back into the engine.

–        The rear brake is on the output shaft of the engine and by this it is on the output drive sprocket so the calliper stops the drive sprocket on the engine from turning which stops the back wheel through the chain.

–        The electrics and battery of thenutcracker custom bike are under the left side seat unit

–        The frame is two stainless steel plates 5mm thick, they are bolted together through aluminium billets which are positioned throughout.

–        A decorative 2mm plate is welded throughout on the top and bottom of the two 5mm plates to make it into a box section frame and then polished.

–        The wheels are cut from solid billets.

All weights and measurements of the above nutcracker custom bike are approximations only.
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