A Life-sized full armour for man and horse in the German High Gothic style of circa 1490-1510

Comprising sallet with fluted skull formed with a low medial ridge, fitter with visor, bevor with shaped lower border, three-piece breast plate with pierced central boss, matching backplate, a pair of pauldrons, vambraces, lower cannons, a pair of large cowters, fingered gauntlets with hinged thumb-defences, cuisses, greaves, poleyns, and pointed sabatons of seven articulated lames, saddle tacted with three fluted plates at the front, shaffron flaring out over the nose, incorporating a faceted rounded plate, large cheek-pieces, ear defences, crinet of ten articulated lames, peytral of five large fixed plates, crupper of two pairs of five plates joined by leather straps and buckles, the main plates throughout decorated with fluted patterns, the principal borders reinforced with decorated shaped brass panels, mounted on a realistic plastic horse, trimmed with crimson velvet.

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